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Dynafit is a brand for dedicated mountain athletes (passionate ski mountaineers in winter and mountain runners in summer) who strive to equip themselves with the most innovative, highest-quality gear available. Lightness, Speed, Performance and Technology are the core values embodied by Dynafit, and every process and product is characterized by those hallmarks. Dynafit has dedicated itself to the pinnacle of mountain sports by supporting the competitive athletes who are confronted with the most demanding challenges during their active, alpine pursuits.

To that end, all materials, fabrics, and finished products are carefully selected, tested and integrated in close cooperation with athletes and mountain sports experts before our product managers approve them for release. Dynafit knows no compromise – our products must withstand a wide breadth of conditions, including those encountered during arduous expeditions. Therefore, the challenge is to develop the lightest and most reliable gear – in other words, the best for the targeted spectrum of use. The art of mission is of the highest priority at Dynafit. All products remain true to the motto, “Make a product out of a little bit more than nothing.” Our focus lies on only the essential elements. Our guarantee is to remain a step ahead and exceed the needs of mountain sports athletes in all seasons and conditions.


The key to success as a brand resides with the people who make up the Dynafit team and live the Dynafit dream. All team members, from sales personnel to brand managers, are committed 100% to mountain sports and consider themselves true brand ambassadors. Thus, the spirit and passion for the athletic endeavors of ski mountaineering and alpine running are communicated every day of the year.

As the leading manufacturer of ski mountaineering and backcountry gear, Dynafit also finds a sense of purpose through growing enthusiasm for mountain sports. In particular, we endeavor to support and promote a sustainable and environmentally sound mountain sports infrastructure while also continuing to disrupt the industry by creating for consumers a sense of astonishment through our product offerings.

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