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About us. Our brand, our company, our values.

The Tatonka brand

Tatonka means “bison” in the language of the Sioux. The bison remains a holy animal to the native North Americans to this day. To us, it is the symbol of nature, freedom, strength and the wilderness. But it also stands for much more than that. It is assertive and knows its own mind. We as an outdoor brand can identify completely with these characteristics. That is why the bison is the perfect logo for us.

A german family company

TATONKA GmbH is an owner-run family company that is based in Dasing in Bavaria. On the Tatonka team, we run a level hierarchy with short decision routes, and we greatly value personal contact and respectful interaction with each other. Our colleagues at the two production sites in Vietnam are also part of the Tatonka family.

Own production facilities

All Tatonka products are made at our own works in Vietnam. Having our own production facilities enables us to control the production processes from beginning to end, to intervene whenever necessary, and to make and implement decisions quickly. Of course, we also offer our colleagues in Vietnam fair working conditions and high social standards. You can find out more about this on the following pages.

Our retail partners

It is important to us that our dealings with our retailers and customers are based on partnership. That is the only way we can approach challenges together, develop specific products and share our successes with each other.

Our products

Our claim is to make perfect products for people who like to be doing things outside. The products must all work completely and absolutely, and meet the highest standards for materials and manufacture. Which is why we like to test our products ourselves on our trips.

Continuing along our own path

The sentence we live by. TATONKA GmbH is a living company with a critical spirit and keen eye for the future. We respond to new challenges, put our decisions on the test-bench and keep on developing. For instance, we want to be even more environmentally friendly, both economically and in particular ecologically. Quite a task. We’re continuing along our own path.

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