Petzl Lynx Crampon

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Modular crampon for ice and mixed climbing; LEVERLOCK universal bindings


From snow couloirs to dry tooling, the LYNX is a versatile crampon. Modular front points: dual or mono-point, long or short, and/or asymmetrical. They come with two types of interchangeable front bindings to adapt to boots with or without toe welts.


  • Versatile crampons for ice and mixed climbing
  • Configuration and length of front points can be modified with one screw:

- dual points in short, long or asymmetrical position
- offset mono-point in short or long position

  • Crampons adaptable to boots with or without toe welts:

- interchangeable front bindings: stainless steel toe bail wires for shoes with toe welts; flexible bindings for boots without toe welts
- toe bindings can be adjusted to accommodate shoe width and provide sufficient point length

  • LEVERLOCK heel bail is height-adjustable, designed for boots with heel welt
  • Integrated front and rear ANTISNOW plates
  • FAKIR carrying pouch included
  • Marked bars facilitate crampon adjustment
  • Products come included with:

- FAKIR carrying bag (V01)
- front and rear ANTISNOW LYNX (T24960)
- flexible front binding
- stainless steel wire toe bail

Number of points: 14

Boot sizes: 35 to 45 with M linking bar (included); optional L linking bar fits boots sizes 40 to 50

Certification(s): CE, UIAA




2x 540 = 1080 g


3 years