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Volkl Untrac SplitBoard Snowboard - Full Kit

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Boundless freedom


Lonesome peaks and untracked lines far from long lifts queues and packed slopes – the Untrac Splitboard is your ticket to powder paradise! No pain, no gain, but the new Vakuum Base Skins make the climb as comfortable as possible: Thanks to the Skin Pin System, they can be mounted and taken off easily in even the most challenging terrain. Premium Carbon and the thin topsheet reduce the weight, which can be a decisive factor on the way up. No matter which endless first lines you are choosing, the rocker in the nose and tail do the job in the powder – just lean back and enjoy the ride. The Untrac can also handle narrow couloirs and icy passages, with camber under the bindings guaranteeing perfect edge hold when needed. This so-called Freeride Hybrid Shape rides as dynamically as a board that is 10cm shorter. Take care and the backcountry is yours!


  • perfect float & extra grip - Freeride Hybrid Shape
  • easy handling - Völkl Skin Pin-System & pre-mounted Voilé Split Kit
  • relaxed hiking - custom made Vacuum Base Skins
  • light weight - Völkl Premium Carbon / POP4.0
  • robust & stable - Shock Absorber & TPU dampening


Back-screened topsheet - Topsheets with silkscreened graphics are printed on the backside of a transparent and impact-resistant topsheet material. This protects extremely well against damage without compromising design or color.
Ultra-light topsheet - At only 0.3mm, this high-tech razor thin topsheet guarantees maximum weight reduction but requires a specific print technology.
Matte topsheet - This new, matte texture doesn’t only make the topsheet more scratch resistant but also adds anti-slip characteristics which come in handy when pushing or riding one foot. It also prevents snow from sticking to it.
Tip-to-Tail Supreme Woodcore - Our Tip-to-Tail Supreme Woodcore features four strips of falcatta wood integrated into the durable aspen core. This makes boards lighter, while still providing the best dampening and flex properties for outstanding performance.
Slim-Tip construction - In contrast to conventional sandwich construction, the Slim-Tip Construction incorporates a solid, shock-absorbent urethane inlay in the nose and tail, which reduces weight and centrifugal mass, making the nose look slimmer and enhancing rotational characteristics of the board.
Shock Absorber - The Shock Absorber consists of a single hard wood layer that is inserted where the core tapers. Together with a V-Flex inlay it offers massive pop and improves durability as well as torsional properties.
Directional Freestyle Sidecut - This sidecut is perfect for all-mountain riders who feel as at home in the park as in the backcountry! The more moderate, directional sidecut has been tuned to work perfectly being set back by 20 mm. Therefore these boards ride more precisely and allow fast edge-to-edge turning. In powder the longer nose provides extra floatation. But also without setback they are a lot of fun to ride with playful riding characteristics, even though nose and tail are not identical.
Freeride Hybrid Shape / Untrac - Especially developed for freeriding, the widest bits of the nose and tail are shifted towards the middle, shortening the effective edge length. A gentle camber between the bindings still ensures great grip on the edges, even in icy traverses and at high speeds. Rocker in the nose and tail adds great floatation and turning characteristics, making switch riding and freestyle tricks playfully easy. The right shape for everyone taking to the backcountry and appreciating the combination of edge hold, maneuverability and maximized lift in powder.
6x2 Insert System for Voilé Split Kit bindings - The insert positions implied on the Untrac are perfectly suited for the pre-mounted Voilé bindings interface that can be used with all common bindings. But the inserts are also compatible with the Spark & Karakoram systems.
Voilé Split Kit with dual height climbing heels - Thanks to the Split Kit Bindings developed by Voilé, splitboards can be split and put back together again in a few quick steps. The integrated, dual height adjustable climbing system also saves energy in steep climbs.
Sidewall reinforcement with TPU dampening - In addition to the fiberglass coating, extra strong TPU inlays between the steel edge and sidewall dampen impacts, making the sidewalls blow-proof and shock-resistant.
Sandwich construction - Located between the upper and lower layer of fiber on the core of the board is a sidewall made of ABS synthetics that has been integrated to directly transmit pressure from the bindings onto the edge without loss of power. This makes the board even more responsive, providing maximum edge grip and the smoothest ride possible.
Aluminum protector - This light tip protector made of aluminum shields the nose from rocks and other hazards.
Triaxial fiberglass weave in upper and lower beam - This special weave consists of fibers that are positioned at a 45° angle (+45°/-45°) in addition to a longitudinal direction. Depending on the density of the woven fibers, torsion and flex are enhanced without increasing the core’s thickness. This reduces weight and enhances responsiveness as well as edge grip.
V-Flex fiberglass weave - The V-Flex is a triaxial fiberglass weave with increased fiber density (grammage) reinforcing the area around the bindings. This provides optimal distribution of power to the edges of the board, making it more stable when strong forces are applied.
Völkl Premium Carbon weave / POP4.0 - This layer, made completely of carbon, adds minimum weight and provides more smoothness and maximum response.
Sintered base - The production process of Sintered Bases forms pores that readily absorb wax. This makes the Sintered Base very soft, yet exceptionally damage-resistant and ensures excellent gliding properties when waxed regularly.
Back-screening and Die-Cut - This unique and complex method of creating graphics allows the combination of colorful Silk-Screening with Die-Cut, achieving stunning 3D effects.
Fine stone finish - Additional grinding with an extra fine stone gives an even more perfect finish, enhancing wax absorption and gliding characteristics.
Völkl Skin Pin system - Völkl's Skin Pin System enables a fast and simple set up of skins, which can be secured in the loops in the nose and tail of the board. The skins are fixed in the loop with a 90 degree rotation while attaching them. The other end is fixed by hooking the rubber stretcher system to the loop in the tail. This patented Skin Pin snap closure is only used by Völkl!
Custom-fit vacuum base climbing skins & skin bag with micro fleece - These unique touring skins were developed with Kohla from Tyrol and provide simple handling in every terrain and weather condition as the vacuum texture sticks to the base even in very low temperatures and high humidity. These glue-less skins are also easy to clean and can be stuck together and stored after climbing, without a separating foil. They are made of 65% mohair and 35% PES polyester, combining excellent gliding characteristics with impeccable wear properties and restraining forces of PES. Equipped with the Völkl Skin Pin-System in the front and rubber stretcher in the back they are easy to mount, as they are cut to perfectly match the shape of the board. The Skin Bag makes storage easy and has a soft fleece lining that is perfect for cleaning and drying the base before sticking the skins on.
Diamond finish - Diamond Finish is standard for all Völkl boards. Edges are ground so that they extend 1° down from the base and 1° out from the sides and heated for maximum durability. This provides easy maneuverability and great edge hold in icy conditions.
Wax finish - All Völkl boards are equipped with Wax Finish before leaving the factory. This fine layer of wax is fine for the first couple of runs but to ensure the base keeps its gliding characteristics over time, we strongly recommend hot waxing before its first use on snow!

Effective edge in mm: 1175

Tip & tail length in mm: 215/210

Tip & tail height in mm: 63/59

Tip/waist/tail length in mm: 298/248/288

Inserts (quantity/setback in mm): 22/25

Stance in cm (min/med/max): 51/57/63

Comp.sidecut (radius in m/sidecut): 7,70/DIRECT. FREERIDE

Recommended rider‘s weight in kg: <70


Effective edge in mm: 1240

Tip & tail length in mm: 220/210

Tip & tail height in mm: 66/60

Tip/waist/tail length in mm: 307/257/297

Inserts (quantity/setback in mm): 22/30

Stance in cm (min/med/max): 53/59/65

Comp.sidecut (radius in m/sidecut): 8,55/DIRECT. FREERIDE

Recommended rider‘s weight in kg: 65-90

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